Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

  • Types Of Professional Roofing Services

    The roof is a critical component for both residential and commercial properties. Even after the initial installation, there is a constant need to do roofing repairs and maintenance to keep your roof in top condition. There are different types of roofing services offered by professional contractors, as shown below: Metal Roofing Services Metal roofing is gaining popularity with every single passing day. Many people choose metal roofs for their homes, commercial, or industrial properties either for better protection or to get a unique modern look.

  • The Repairs You Should Have Done To Your Roof When Damage Starts

    Your roof is vulnerable to different types of damage. Sometimes, these problems happen when the roof is new, or they may be due to average wear. Therefore, repairs will be needed throughout the life of your roof. The following roof repairs need to be done as soon as you notice the damage: Storm Damage to New or Old Roofs The damage to the roof of your home can often be storm damage and happen almost right after the installation.

  • Understanding Roofing Shingle Granules

    One of the more important aspects of your roofing is the coating of small rocks on the surface of your shingles. Learn more about these shingle granules so you can better monitor the condition of your roof. What Are Granules? The granules attached to the exterior surface of asphalt shingles are made from aggregate, which is crushed stone and gravel. The primary reason for adding the granules to the shingles is to increase the water-shedding ability of your roof.

  • Wood Shake Roofing Wear And Repairs That Will Help Ensure Your Roof Lasts For Generations

    If you have shake roofing installed on your home, you want to ensure the materials last. Therefore, there are going to be some repairs that need to be done. Often, these issues are due to wear, and simple repairs can prevent severe damage. The following wood shake repairs will help reduce wear to ensure your roof lasts for generations. Natural Defects On the Surface of Wood Shakes There are several issues with natural defects that can affect shake roofing materials.

  • Want To Work On Your Own Roof? 4 Tips To Know

    If you want to repair your own roof, before you climb up on your roof and start working, you will want to gain a little knowledge on how to work on your roof properly and safely. Your roof protects your home and is not something that you want to mess up. Tip #1: Wear the Right Clothing If you want to repair your roof, you need to make sure you have the right clothing for the job.

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    Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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