Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

  • The Roof Repairs Your Home Needs to Prevent Damage Before Spring Rains

    As the spring weather gets closer, your home is going to need to be prepared for the rains. You want to make sure problems with wear and leaks are repaired to stop damage to your home. Some of the repairs that will be needed are minor. The following roof repairs will help you prepare your home for the spring rains that are coming: 1. Find Common Areas Where Roof Leaks Start

  • Should You Install Your Own Roof?

    Some homeowners just live for the opportunity to work on their house. Whether that's performing simple maintenance or doing minor repairs, some people get a decent amount of pride and a sense of ownership from being able to take care of their house. There's nothing wrong with that feeling — as a matter fact, being able to handle issues around the house is a good thing — but there are certain jobs that a professional should handle, such as roof installation.

  • 4 Signs You Need Roof Replacement

    Your home is only as waterproof as your roof. Leaks and problems with the integrity of the roof will result in water getting into your living space, especially if you procrastinate checking out potential problems. In many cases, your problems can be fixed with simple solutions like replacing shingles, tiles, flashing, or fixing ventilation problems. But in some cases, the only way to keep your home watertight is to replace the roof.

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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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