Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

  • How To Fix A Rotted Wood Roof Fascia

    The fascia board of your roof is a wood sheet secured on the timber rafter that provides support for the eaves. Dame to fascia boards often occur because of moisture, termites, or improperly installed drip edges. If the fascia board on your roof is loose, don't hesitate to fix it, or the damage will worsen. Here are some tips to fix rotted wood fascia boards. Make an Inspection For this project, you will need: a reciprocating saw, scaffold or tall step ladder, wood filler, pressure-treated lumber, hammer, safety gloves, safety glasses, breathing apparatus or dust mask, multi grip, flat pry bar, drill, galvanized nails, screwdriver, caulk, primer, paint, and a putty knife.

  • Renovations That Make A Big Difference In Older Homes

    There are many benefits to owning an older or historic home. Homes that have been around for decades or longer often have a sense of history and are recognizable features in many communities. Older homes also often have architectural features that are difficult to recreate in the present day. Owning an older home can bring a lot of joy and pride to a homeowner, but older homes do have drawbacks. Often renovations must be done in order to keep older homes in livable condition.

  • Getting Rid Of Damaging Algae And Moss From Your Roof

    If you have a lot of shade over your house, the shingles may become a good place for algae and moss to grow. As these plants send out roots, they crack and break your asphalt shingles. This leaves your roof vulnerable to water leaks. Here is how to get rid of the problem and prevent algae and moss from coming back. Safety First Working on a roof, especially a damp and slippery one, is dangerous.

  • Pros And Cons Of Relying On Snow Raking To Prevent Ice Dams

    If you've noticed that large ice formations, known as ice dams, tend to form at the edge of your roof during the winter, there are several approaches you can take to address this issue. One approach is to address the underlying cause of the ice dams by improving your roof's insulation and ventilation. Another approach is to simply prevent the ice dams by raking the snow off the roof before it has time to melt.

  • How To Fix A Rotted Roof Soffit

    Though many of your roof repairs involve shingles and flashing, you will eventually have to fix a damaged soffit. Soffits are horizontal boards under the roof eaves that hide rafter tails and act as ventilation for the home. However, soffits are prone to water damage caused by ice dams, faulty gutters, or decay from pests. You should repair the damage immediate to avoid it spreading to other soffits. Here are some tips to repair rotten soffits.

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    Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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