Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Should You Have More Vents Added When Your Roof Is Replaced?

by William Gerard

Are you planning to have your roof replaced soon? If so, you need to spend some time thinking about an important component of your roof: the vents. Some homes do not have as many roof vents as they should, and the easiest time to have additional vents added is when you're already having your roof replaced. Keep reading to learn more about integrating roof vent additions into your roof replacement process.

How do you know if you need more vents?

Your roofer can look over your home and weigh in on whether or not you need more vents. However, as a part of this evaluation, they are likely to ask you about your experience living in the home. If you've noticed any of the following issues, bring them up to your roofer as they are likely signs you need more vents:

  • The top floor of your home gets really warm in the summer.
  • Your attic always feels really warm and moist.
  • You get ice dams on the edge of your roof during the winter.

What are the benefits of adding more ventilation?

Adding more vents to your roof will basically keep your attic space cooler. This will help keep your home cooler, which will reduce your air conditioning bills in the summer. A cooler attic is also easier on your roof. Having lots of heat escape directly through the roof instead of through vents can cause a roof to break down prematurely. As such, adding more vents may help your roof last longer and reduce your need for repairs over the years.

What kinds of vents should you have added?

There are three primary kinds of vents that roofers often use on roofs. The first is called a ridge vent. It is a long vent that reaches all of the way across your roof peak. If you have a roof with multiple peaks, having a ridge vent installed on each one is a good way to promote better airflow.

Another type of vent is called a soffit vent. It is placed under the eaves. You can have a soffit vent put on almost any style or roof. They work well on pyramid roofs that cannot have a ridge vent.

Finally, there are box vents, which are raised above the roof's surface. These offer lots of airflow but don't work well in snowy areas since they can easily get covered in snow.

If you're having your roof replaced, consider having more vents added at the same time. This will often extend the life of your new roof.

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