Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

  • Top Things To Talk To Your Roofing Contractor About When Building A Second Home At The Beach

    If you are in the process of building a second home at the beach, you might be planning on working with a roofing contractor sometime soon. After all, you are probably working on the plans for installing a roof on your new beach house. These are some of the top things that you will probably want to talk to your roofing contractor about so that you can install the right type of roof on your vacation home.

  • Five Things That Can Damage Your Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are resistant to damage and long-lasting, but they aren't impervious to everything. It's important to know what can damage a metal roof so that you can take steps to avoid the issue. 1. High Winds Wind can pose an issue due to something called uplift. Most metal roofs are made of large panels. When high winds hit the side of your home, they are directed upward beneath the eaves.

  • Repairable Vs. Unrepairable Roof Problems

    A quality roof is an expensive investment but an essential one because the safety and comfort of your home rely on the quality of the material you put on top. But fortunately, not every roof problem requires an investment in a new roof. Many issues can be fixed through a few simple repairs. But how do you know the difference? Here are a few problems that may only require repair as well as a few that will likely necessitate re-roofing.

  • Own an Older Commercial Building? Two Reasons to Renovate It

    Older commercial buildings were often erected strictly from a utilitarian perspective. They are functional, rugged, and durable. If you own one of these buildings, you may be impressed by the soundness of the foundation, the thickness of the insulation, or the overall structural integrity around the facility. However, there may also be some things you aren't too pleased with. Maybe the layout doesn't allow for much openness or you've noticed the flat roof is promoting more leaks than you want to deal with.

  • Five Signs You Need To Install A New Fireplace

    You may enjoy your fireplace as the focal point of your living room, but it's important to know when the time has come to replace it. Continuing to use a damaged fireplace poses a major safety risk. 1. Chimney Leaks Leaks most often occur where the chimney meets the roof or siding of the home. Water will seep between the chimney and fireplace and the rest of the home, which can lead to water damage in the attic or in the ceiling and walls adjacent to the fireplace.

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    Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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