Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

4 Signs You Need To Install New Decking With Your New Roof

by William Gerard

Beneath your roof's shingles is a layer of plywood, known as the decking. The decking does not need to be replaced each time you re-shingle. Replacement is only necessary if there is major damage. In some cases you may need to install all new decking along with the shingles, while in others you may only need a partial decking replacement. It's not possible to know the extent of any decking damage until the old shingles come off, but there are signs that indicate when decking replacement may be needed.

1. Attic Mold

Mold in the attic can mean consistent water leaks through the roof. These leaks may be too small to cause more obvious water damage, especially if the moisture is trapped in the degrading decking wood instead of flowing freely. If you notice mold, first rule out issues in the house such as trapped condensation from below. Next, schedule a roof inspection to see if it's time to install a new roof and decking.

2. Soft Spots

It's not advisable to walk on the roof unless you really need to, but if you do happen to be on the roof carefully check for soft spots. A roofer can also perform this check for you, and typically they can do it much more safely. A roof should feel solid underfoot thanks to the decking. If any areas feel soft or cushioned, that's a sign that the decking is rotting and new plywood needs to be installed.

3. Wavy Surface

You can typically spot a wavy or warped roof surface from the ground or the top of a ladder. The surface of the roof won't be smooth and flat, but instead it will look wavy or bowed. Mild waviness can sometimes just affect the shingles so only a partial roof replacement is needed, but only an inspection can verify this. Major bows and dips, on the other hand, almost always indicate that it's time to install new decking.

4. Frequent Leaks

An occasional leak doesn't necessarily mean the decking is failing, but you may need a minor repair or replacement shingles. A big leak, frequent leaks, or leaks that aren't repaired promptly can all lead to decaying decking. If you have been experiencing a lot of leaks, schedule a roof inspection. You likely need to install new shingles and you might need new decking, as well. 

Contact a residential roof installation service to get a quote for a new roof. 


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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