Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Three Reasons Why Flat Roofs Are Becoming More Popular In Residential Areas

by William Gerard

When it comes to roofing, most Americans will first think of the triangular-shaped roofs that rise to a point or some variation on this. When you hear flat roofing, you probably immediately think of industrial or commercial buildings, but flat roofs are becoming more and more popular in neighborhoods near you these days. If you are considering remodeling, or even starting a new build from scratch, then here are a few reasons why you might want to contact residential flat roofing contractors to see what they can do for you. You never know; your dream home might actually come with a flat roof attached to it!

Easier To Have Multiple Levels Around Each Other

If you have a vision of your home having multiple rooms and stories that are different heights from one another, all interconnecting to create one beautiful home, then flat roofs work best. Pointed roofs not only take up more space, but they would block the view of other floors or rooms of your house and can be prohibitive for this style of building. Many modern-styled homes are built with flat roofs for this very reason, and it has become quite an architectural trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Better For Extensions

If you are not thinking of creating a whole new home, but just want to add some more space to your current home, then why not simply give your extension a flat roof? If you wanted to incorporate your new extension into your current roofing style, you would have to tear down your entire roof or have it look very awkward with a different roof than your original home. By giving this extension a flat roof, you make it feel much more in tune with the rest of the house, and it will not draw attention to itself as being an extension.

Use It For Living Space

In some places, flat roofs are all the rage because they can become livable spaces where you can go up and watch the sunset or even enjoy a dip in a spa. If you are thinking about creating more space and don't want a dusty attic that you never want to go back into after you put your stored items in it, then a flat roof might be best. Make sure to discuss this with your residential flat roofing contractors because this will involve some additional planning to strengthen the roof, but it is very possible and a great idea to extend the livable space you have. 

Contact a residential flat roofing contractor to learn more. 


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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