Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Services You May Not Know Roofers Provide

by William Gerard

Most people know roofers handle roof installation and repair. If you have only used a roofing contractor for those services, you may not know they offer other services as well. If you are planning any home renovations, repairs, or upgrades in the coming months, you may want to know what services your roofing contractor can provide. Here are a few of those services and what to know about each one. 

Window Replacement

When you are renovating or repairing areas of your home, one area that may need attention are your windows. You may find that your windows have repair issues dealing with the window frames. This could be a sign of issues with the roof as well. For example, if your roofing starts to sag or is damaged, it may result in the window casing sagging as well. This can result in loose insulation around the window or the window cracking. Your roofer can repair the window casing and replace the window. They can also determine if the issue was related to roof damage as well. 


Siding is something that many homeowners consider adding at some point or another. You may be tired of the brickwork of your home, or you may simply want to upgrade the siding that is already there. Your roofer can help with the removal of the existing siding and installation of the new siding you choose. They can also make suggestions for the material you can use for your siding and any upgrades you may want to consider as well. One of the key benefits of using a roofer for your siding installation or upgrade is their knowledge of proper alignment of the siding and your roof system. 

Gutter Alignment

If you have gutters and have had them for decades, then you may notice the alignment seeming off. This is due to time and weight causing the gutters to slope slightly. They may be weighed down by consistent debris. You may also find that the anchor points of the gutters are becoming warped or have wood rot. Your roofer has services that can handle gutter removal, repair, and installation. The roofer can also check the alignment and determine if it needs repairs or if there are further issues with the roof system causing the problem with gutter alignment. 

When you are ready to start your home renovation or repairs, contact a local roofing service such as Sweers Eavestrough and Roofing Co, Inc. Discuss the services you would like for your home. The contractor will tell you which services they can schedule for you. If you have other roofer-related questions, you can ask them during this initial phone call.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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