Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Planning That's Needed For A Roofing Replacement

by William Gerard

A roof replacement usually doesn't take too long to complete once work gets started. However, the time from your first meeting with the roofing contractor until work begins could take several weeks. That's why it's best to plan out your roof replacement now rather than wait until you have a serious leak to deal with. Here are some things to plan out with help from your roofer.

The Roofing Materials You'll Need

The roofing contractor measures your roof to determine the amount of roofing materials you need. When you know the measurements and the price of a bundle of shingles, you can compare costs of different types of roofing. If you want asphalt shingles, compare the cost difference between budget and luxury shingles so you get the best roofing you can afford.

When the roofer writes up the estimate for your contract, they'll list the cost of the type of roofing you've chosen along with the other costs for things like flashing, underlayment, nails, and adhesives. You should have an estimate of what the roof replacement will be before you sign the contract.

The Color Of Your New Roof

If you'll be getting new asphalt shingles, you'll have several colors to choose from. The colors come from the granules on the shingles rather than the shingles themselves, so color doesn't affect the quality of the shingles.

You might want roofing that coordinates with the trim or shutters on your home. You'll also want something that matches with the siding or paint on your house. A roofer can show you samples that help you decide on a color you like.

The Installation Time Frame

A roofing replacement can be done nearly any time as long as the weather is suitable, so you might want to plan the roof replacement for a time you'll be on vacation or before storm season. The roofer should be able to estimate a start and completion date for your new roof, allowing for weather interruptions.

The Payment Process

You'll want to know how the payment process will go when you get a roofing replacement. The roofer might want a deposit when you sign your contract. At some point during the work, you may need to make another payment. This might coincide with when the city codes office makes an inspection.

The final payment might be needed after the last inspection from the city when the work is complete. Knowing when payment is expected helps you arrange your finances so the money is available.

Your roofer will help as much as possible with the roofing replacement planning process. They'll probably obtain the permit for you and arrange for a dumpster rental. If you have any other questions or concerns, let the roofer know so you'll be prepared for the noise and activity when installation day arrives.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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