Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

3 Signs That Your Cedar Shake Roof Is Failing And Needs To Be Replaced

by William Gerard

While cedar shake roofs are very durable, they won't last forever. Years of being exposed to sunshine and heavy rainfall will cause the shakes to break down, creating weak points in your roof that water can leak through. When a cedar shake roof starts to fail, you'll need to replace it to protect your home from water damage due to a leak. To learn three signs that your cedar shake roof is failing and needs to be replaced, read on.

1. Your Cedar Shakes Are Cracking Apart

Cedar shakes dry out over time as they're exposed to sunlight. When they're dry and brittle, they'll start to crack apart when they expand and contract due to temperature changes. If your cedar shakes are cracking, it's a sign that they're all getting old and dry, which means that it's time to replace your roof. If you don't replace it, the cedar shakes can eventually start cracking apart entirely, opening your roof up to leaks.

2. Your Cedar Shakes Are Growing Fungus or Being Eaten by Pests

Cedar contains natural plant resins that give it the ability to repel fungus and pests. That's why cedar is such a common choice for fences, siding, and roofs. Unfortunately, those resins will eventually leach out of the cedar and be washed away by the rain.

If your cedar shakes are starting to rot due to fungus growing on them or if pests are starting to eat them, it's time to have your roof replaced. It's a sign that your cedar shakes are starting to lose their natural resins, making them susceptible to pests and fungus.

Fungus growing on the cedar shakes will weaken them, making them more likely to split apart during heavy storms. Pests and fungus can also spread into your home through your attic if you have a large infestation on your roof. Replacing your roof with new cedar shakes will restore its ability to protect your home.

3. You've Replaced a Large Number of Damaged Shakes on Your Roof

While you can replace damaged cedar shakes to extend the lifespan of your roof, you cause a slight amount of damage to your roof every time you do. Replacing a cedar shake requires pulling its nails up, and that will expose a hole in the waterproof underlayment beneath the cedar shakes. The underlayment acts like a second line of defense against water leaking into your attic. If it's full of holes, it won't do a good job of protecting your home from leaks.

When you've replaced a large number of the cedar shakes on your roof, you should replace your roof entirely instead of continuing to replace individual shakes. You'll be able to install a new underlayment when your roof is replaced which will protect your home from leaks.

If your cedar shake roof is failing, call a residential roof replacement service in your area and ask about your options. You can replace your roof with another cedar shake roof or switch to another material like rubber shakes that are manufactured to look like cedar shakes. Regardless of which type of roof you choose as a replacement, you'll protect your home from leaks and water damage by replacing your failing cedar shake roof. 

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