Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

4 Common Commercial Roofing Installation Errors You Should Watch Out For

by William Gerard

Your commercial roof is vital for your business's success. It keeps the elements out and your business interior safe. Regrettably, your commercial roof may experience extensive damage after a storm or wear out due to old age. In both instances, the right step would be to seek the help of an experienced commercial roofer. While carrying out your installation, there are errors you should watch out for to ensure that you don't end up scheduling repairs soon after that. Learn more about them in this guide.

Failing to Nail the Roof Properly 

When installing your commercial roof, the skilled roofer will always nail the roofing materials correctly. Non-professionals may miss the right mark or use fewer fasteners to cut costs. Doing this puts your roofing material at risk of being blown away by strong winds, resulting in water leaks. You will also have to deal with moisture problems due to nailing mistakes, such as under-driven or exposed nails.

Not Including a Moisture Barrier

Many business owners ignore the need to lay a moisture barrier on their roofs during installation. They rely on installing roofing materials over the decking instead. However, while adding a moisture barrier may increase your installation cost slightly, it will keep water leaks and other moisture issues at bay. Consequently, you won't have to worry about your decking rotting and compromising the roof's structural integrity. Moisture issues can also lead to mold growth that may compromise the health of your employees.

Failing to Have Proper Ventilation

One of the critical aspects that roofers should prioritize during commercial roof installation is ensuring that the roof has adequate ventilation. A significant problem with inadequate ventilation in the attic is that it may promote moisture build-up, which may eventually cause mold growth. Moreover, the attic can accumulate too much heat during the hot season, causing your roofing material to warp.

Failing to Properly Secure Roof Flashing

Flashing is a metal sheet that roofers place around the protrusion on the roof to prevent water from leaking around them. So, your contractor should adequately secure the flashing around the protrusions during installation. This means the areas where it touches the protrusion and roofing materials are properly sealed with caulking. You should also regularly check the caulking and fill it in when it wears out.

When installing your commercial roof, pay attention to these DIY mistakes to avoid significant damage to your commercial building. Leave the work to professionals.

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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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