Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

4 Roofing Issues That Require The Timely Attention Of A Professional

by William Gerard

Many homeowners don't immediately attend to minor roof damage, leading to its escalating into major roofing problems. While your roof can last long following an expert installation, it will eventually experience degradation. This is due to wear and tear or damage from inclement weather like a hailstorm or extreme winds. As a new homeowner, you may not be familiar with the common roofing problems you're likely to encounter. Check out a few below that require the immediate attention of an experienced roofing professional:

Your Gutters Are Clogged

To many, gutter issues don't seem to have the capacity to cause much damage to their home. The truth, however, is that significant destruction can arise, particularly if these troughs are filled with debris. Such excessive dirt buildup causes the gutter to clog when it rains. As such, if you fail to address this problem in time, the stagnant water will cause the fascia board to rot. Over time, this will create vulnerabilities where water will enter your home. Fortunately, an effective way to ensure that your gutter doesn't clog is by contacting a roofing professional to install screens. These prevent leaves and twigs from filling up the gutter system.

Your Roof Has a Leak

If your roof leaks, ensure that you seek the quick intervention of an experienced roofing expert. Common indicators of a leaking roof include mold growth in the attic and discoloration on the roof ceiling. Nonetheless, if not attended to, leaks extend to a larger section of your roof, necessitating roof replacement. On the other hand, when you call a roofer for repairs, they inspect thoroughly for loose or missing roofing materials. Additionally, they examine the joints between roof sections, as these are areas highly prone to leaks.

Your Roof Appears Distorted

Whenever you look at your roof line and notice that some areas appear deformed, speak to your roofer about their performing repairs. Without prompt intervention, your roof will fail. However, when you contact a roofing contractor for repairs, they'll check whether the rafters have experienced extensive deterioration, e.g., due to roof leaks. They'll also inspect your roofing material for degradation and replace any that is approaching the end of its useful life.

Water Is Pooling on Your Roof

If your home has a flat roof, one issue you're likely to experience is standing water. This problem can arise from different issues like poor drainage and improper DIY construction. Subsequently, it can result in mold or mildew growth and the destruction of your roofing material. Regardless of the cause of water standing on your roof, an experienced roofer can advise you on the repairs needed.

It is prudent to undertake regular maintenance to prevent issues with your roof. Moreover, contact a roofing contractor whenever you notice any of the problems mentioned above.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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