Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

A Look At Replacing The Membrane Roof On Your Home With A Metal Roof

by William Gerard

If you have a home with a low-slope roof that has membrane roofing on it now, you may be looking for something with a different look when you get a roof replacement. Metal could be a good choice. Talk to a residential roof replacement contractor to see if metal would be the right option for your home. Here's a look at the process of getting a metal roof when your home has a membrane roof on it now.

Determine Suitability

Flat roofs aren't actually flat. They have low slopes so rain will drain properly. The slope might be so slight that you can't really tell it's there. However, if you look closely, you may see the center of your roof is slightly elevated and the edges are lower so rain rolls into the gutters.

Your roofing contractor can measure the slope of your roof and match it to the requirements of the metal roofing manufacturer. Certain types of metal roofing can be put on roofs with very low slopes. This limits your choices in roofing since you need to use panels made to be water-resistant, and that's usually standing-seam panels that lock together and have the screws covered and protected.

Another suitability check the roofer needs to make is to see if your roof has water damage from water ponding or a leak. If so, all of the old roofing needs to come off so the damage can be repaired. If your roof doesn't have moisture damage, your roofer may put the metal panels on top of the old membrane roofing.

Begin The Roof Replacement

Your roofer may put underlayment down first for added rain protection and then begin installing the panels. Standing seam panels have legs that lock together. This makes the roofing attractive and it also keeps water from getting through the roof.

Some standing-seam roofing has the legs sealed together with a seamer tool, and that makes the roofing even more watertight, which is important for a flat or nearly flat roof. When the panels are in place, the roofer finishes the job by putting flashing around pipes, your chimney, and other roof protrusions. They will probably use color-matched metal so the flashing blends in with the roofing panels.

Metal is a good choice for a residential roof replacement since metal is strong and it has a long life. Plus, a metal roof can give your house a whole new look, especially if you choose roofing in an attractive solid color, such as blue, red, brown, or green.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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