Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Wood Shake Roofing Wear And Repairs That Will Help Ensure Your Roof Lasts For Generations

by William Gerard

If you have shake roofing installed on your home, you want to ensure the materials last. Therefore, there are going to be some repairs that need to be done. Often, these issues are due to wear, and simple repairs can prevent severe damage. The following wood shake repairs will help reduce wear to ensure your roof lasts for generations.

Natural Defects On the Surface of Wood Shakes

There are several issues with natural defects that can affect shake roofing materials. Often, these problems are not visible when the roof has recently been installed. The issues happen over time as the wood has time to dry and cure. The natural defects include things like splitting and checking, which can lead to leaks and serious moisture issues. If you notice problems with natural defects, you want to replace these shakes before it gets worse.

Aging That Causes Wood Shake Roofing to Split

There are also issues with aging the can cause the shakes to split over time. These problems can be due to natural defects or other causes. Often, the splits start around nails that are used to fasten the shakes to the roof. Therefore, it is important that the shakes are carefully nailed when installed. If you have to have these problems repaired, using clips or brackets can prevent the problem from happening again in the same area.

Missing Wood Shakes That Need to Be Replaced

Sometimes, the problem with shake roofs is missing shakes. This can happen due to wind damage and weather, or there may be some shakes that just work loose and fall off the roof. When this happens, the missing shakes need to be replaced because leaks can quickly start and cause serious damage to your home.

Leaks and Moisture Problems with Wood Shakes

There are also leaks that can start in different areas of a shake roof. Often, these leaks start as the wood moves and shrink when it dries. The leaks can also be due to other issues like nails that are too close to the edges of a shake or water traps due to the roof design. These are some of the issues that you are going to need to deal with to ensure your shake roof lasts and minor leaks don't lead to serious damage to your home.

The shakes on your roof are going to need to be repairs and minor maintenance to ensure they last. Contact a roof repair service to help with the minor repairs your shake roof needs.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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