Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Architectural Steel for Roofs, Gutters, Downspouts, and Other Structural Items

by William Gerard

If you live in a coastal region where high winds pose a threat to roofing materials and gutter systems,  you may have witnessed firsthand the amount of damage associated with a hurricane and the aftermath that a home or business owner typically faces. With the construction of your new home, consider having a metal roofing system, gutter sections, and downspout installed. Architectural sheet metal is a product that can be cut and shaped and used for many exterior applications.

Seamed Products

Corrugated metal pieces or panels are used to manufacture an array of roofing products that will aid in the removal of rainwater and that will beautify your home's facade. Architectural sheet metal can be laid on a flat or a sloped roof. Metal sections that have been anchored properly won't shift when it is windy and even high winds won't pose a threat to removing the sections from a rooftop.

When roofing materials are used in conjunction with a gutter and downspout setup that is made out of the same material, consistency in a home's facade will be evident. Due to the strength of architectural steel, many contractors who sell and install products made with this material will offer a lifetime warranty or one that encompasses many years.

Additional Products and Color Variations

Copings, flashings, and fascia, and soffit materials can also be constructed out of architectural sheet metal. An entire roofing system that consists of this material will allow a home or business owner to enjoy the sound of rain beating down onto a rooftop.

Because a grooved or seamed product may contain slight elevations in each panel or strip that is adhered to a roof, water won't pool across a specific section. Cleaning this type of roof can also be much more convenient than dealing with textured tiles or shingles. Spraying water across the top of a roof during each season will loosen most of the debris that has fallen onto the surface.

Sheet metal gutters and downspouts can be cleaned with a stream of water and gutter and downspout guards can be used to prevent materials from becoming trapped inside of individual metal sections. If you would like to add some color to the outside of your home and want to refrain from choosing a metal product that is grey in color, choose from a line of sheet metal products that have a baked-on enamel material added to them.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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