Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Roofing Issues Your House May Experience

by William Gerard

A homeowner will have to invest considerable time and effort into keeping their house in good condition. The roof is one of the parts of the structure that will experience significant issues that may need to be professionally addressed.

Poorly Insulated Roofing

A roof that does not have sufficient amounts of insulation can be a source of significant problems for the structure. While a homeowner is likely to be aware of the impact that this can have on the temperature in the house, a poorly insulated roof can also be less capable of preventing loud noises from entering the home by passing through the roof. Additionally, poor insulation can allow moisture to enter the home through the roof, which can also pose significant problems for the house as it can make mold problems more likely to develop.

Loose Flashing

Flashing is an important part of protecting the home as it will prevent drafts and moisture from entering through small gaps in between the roof and the house. Unfortunately, flashing can come loose, which can compromise its ability to prevent these problems for the house. Replacing flashing is an affordable repair to make, but it can be difficult to ensure that the flashing is securely attached to the home. Due to this difficulty, a homeowner should only attempt this repair if they have some experience with roofing flashing.

Rotted Shingles

The shingles on the exterior of your roof can eventually start to rot in response to the regular exposure to moisture that it will experience. Rotted shingles will offer poor protection for the home, and this can lead to compounding problems as the compromised shingles allow large amounts of water into the house. Depending on the number of shingles that have developed rot, it can be possible to only replace the rotted shingles. However, if the rot is widespread a total roof replacement will be the preferable option for repairing it.

Poor insulation, loose flashing, and rotting shingles can all be problems that will have the potential to cause significant harm to the house, but homeowners can greatly underestimate this potential threat. Luckily, you can easily have these problems addressed by a professional residential roofing contractor. To help you understand the scope of the problems that your roof is experiencing, roofing contractors can provide homeowners with an evaluation and quote that will clearly describe the full extent of the problems the roof is experiencing as well as the steps that will be taken to repair it.

For more information, contact a residential roofing contractor in your area.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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