Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Five Things That Can Damage Your Metal Roof

by William Gerard

Metal roofs are resistant to damage and long-lasting, but they aren't impervious to everything. It's important to know what can damage a metal roof so that you can take steps to avoid the issue.

1. High Winds

Wind can pose an issue due to something called uplift. Most metal roofs are made of large panels. When high winds hit the side of your home, they are directed upward beneath the eaves. The wind can then lift the metal panel and tear it off. There are some options to prevent this. First, the eave length can be limited to minimize the area exposed to uplift. Second, hurricane fasteners can be used to better secure the panels in place.

2. Hail

Hail likely won't compromise the functionality of your roof, but it can have an effect on the appearance of the roof. Large hailstones have the ability to leave unsightly dents in the roof panels, which can't be removed. The best course is prevention. Opt for metal roofing panels with high hail damage resistance, which is information that the manufacturer can provide, if you live in an area where hail storms are a concern.

3. Fastener Failure

Metal roof panels are held in place by galvanized roofing screws. There is a rubber gasket between the screw head and the roof, which along with a sealant ensures leaks don't occur at the fastener. If fasteners are screwed in too tightly, not tightly enough, or at an angle, then the gasket and sealant can fail and a leak will occur. The best defense is to choose an experienced metal roof installer with good references.

4. Scratches

Scratches can affect the finish on the metal roof and appear unattractive, but there is a greater concern. Most metal roofs are equipped with coatings designed to prevent rust and to protect the paint against weathering. If the coating gets scratched, the damage may not be immediately visible but the roof will be compromised. Prevent scratches by keeping tree branches pruned back and avoid dropping tools on the roof when doing maintenance.

5. Metal Interaction

Different types of metal can interact, which can cause a process that results in rust and corrosion on otherwise corrosion-resistant metal roof panels. When installing gutters or hooking up electrical lines, make sure there are buffer zones or non-conductive materials between the different metals so an interaction doesn't occur.

A residential roofer can help you install and maintain your metal roof.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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