Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Tips For Roof Shingle Replacement

by William Gerard

As popular as asphalt shingles are in the country, they are not the most durable roofing solution out there. If you have this type of roof, you'll need to do some maintenance every once in a while.

Shingles can be damaged by various things including strong winds and branches. At some point, you should expect to replace a few shingles or whole sections of shingles on your roof. For the best results when you do this, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Work on Warm, Dry Afternoons

Shingles can be supple or a little brittle depending on the weather. The last thing you want is for the shingles to start cracking when you're working or walking on them. To prevent this, choose a warm, dry afternoon to do this kind of work. This is when the shingles are supplest, which means there's a lower chance of cracking.

Have Your Tools Ready

Replacing roof shingles will normally require a number of standard items. These are a flat pry bar, a utility knife, a hammer, and roofing nails (1 ¼ in.). To limit the number of trips you need to make, have these ready when you go up to replace the shingles. This will also reduce traffic on the roof, which can lead to more damaged shingles.

Don't Ignore Safety Precautions

A roof is a dangerous place to be working. Even a fall from a single-story building can cause serious injury or worse. Therefore, don't overlook safety measures such as ensuring that you use a sturdy ladder. If the pitch of the roof is too steep, there is a higher risk of falling. In such cases, you should leave the work to a professional roofing contractor with the experience and gear needed to work in such places.

Use the Opportunity to Secure Loose Shingles

Don't wait until your shingles have been blown off before taking action. If you're already up on the roof replacing broken or missing shingles, you should also use the opportunity to check on the other shingles. You can fix shingles with curled edges and also secure shingles that might have become loose.

Check for Damage Under the Shingles

Before you replace the shingles, you should ensure that you're not making repairs on top of something damaged. The broken or cracked shingles might have allowed water to get underneath them. If there is further damage, take the necessary corrective action before replacing the shingle.

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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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