Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

What To Know If You Want To Install A Metal Roof

by William Gerard

More and more homeowners are choosing to install metal roofs because they have many advantages over asphalt shingles. If you need a new roof in the near future, determine if a metal roof is the right choice for you. Check out these four facts you should know about metal roofs before you have one installed on your home.

They Are Not the Cheapest Choice

Many homebuyers choose asphalt shingle roofs because they are the cheapest option. Metal roofs, unfortunately, are quite a bit more expensive, costing about $100 to $260 per square foot vs. $50 per square foot for asphalt shingle roofs. They are, however, not the most expensive roofing option. Clay tiles cost more at $250 to $500, and slate is even more expensive at $300 to $600.

They Are Durable but Prone to Dents

Metal roofs may cost more than asphalt roofs, but they also last longer. An asphalt shingle roof lasts about 15 to 20 years, but a metal roof can last up to 40 years. Therefore, even if you initially pay more for a metal roof, you may save money by never needing to replace it or replacing it less often. Of course, more expensive roofing options last even longer. Metal roofs are prone to dents if hit with large debris, such as branches or large hail. Metal roofs don't require much maintenance to keep them looking good. You may need to remove debris or repaint the metal routinely.

You May Not Need to Remove Your Old Roof

If you have asphalt shingles, you can sometimes get an overlay. During the process, roofers put new shingles over the old ones, extending the life of the roof for cheaper. Similarly, you may be able to have your metal roof installed directly over your old asphalt roof. If there is too much damage or too many layers of shingles, the old roof may still need to be removed. Being able to put your new roof directly on your old roof, however, reduces the time and cost of the overall project.

They Are Great in All Climates

Asphalt is good in most climates, but in hot areas, the shingles can crack, and in moist environments, mold and moss can grow on the roofs. Metal roofs, however, are ideal for every climate. They are light like asphalt so that they can withhold the heavy weight of snow. The roofs can be painted in lighter colors to reflect the sun in hot climates, or they can be painted dark to absorb heat in colder climates. They are not prone to mold, mildew or moss.

Just because you have an old asphalt shingle roof doesn't mean you have to stick with asphalt. Metal roofs have many benefits, and while they may cost more initially, they are a better investment in your home. For more information, contact a local roofing company today. 


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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