Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Tips For Identifying A Neoclassical Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

by William Gerard

Even ornate architectural styles can prove difficult to identify by name due to many styles incorporating hints of classical Greek and Italian architecture. Neoclassical homes are one such classically influenced, often difficult to identify home styles. If you suspect your home is Neoclassical, there are a few tips that can help you know for sure.

Understanding your home style can guide your future material choices for repairs and replacement projects such as choosing the best replacement roofing materials with your roofing contractors.

Identifying a Neoclassical Home

A Neoclassical home has a large but symmetrical layout enhanced with a lot of ornamentation. The telltale Greek columns can line the front of the house or simply flank the front door, but either way the columns will go from the bottom of the home to the roof. Windows can feature both shutters and carved ornamental accents. A small balustrade-lined balcony might sit near the roofline.

The roof of a Neoclassical is typically either a side gable or a hipped roof with the possibility of a cross gable or hip existing on connecting wings on the house. A side gable has two sides, one each on the front and back of the house, which have a steep slope towards the top. A hipped roof has two larger parallel sides on the front and back of the house and two smaller parallel sides on the sides of the house. The hipped sides have a lower slope than the gable roof.

Best Side Gable Roofing: Wood Shingles or Shakes

The gable roof doesn't have a lot of bracing built in to support a heavier roofing material, but the steep sides also mean that too light of a material can become wind damaged. Wood shingles or shakes offer a beautiful middle option that can add a touch of both elegance and earthiness to your Neoclassical home.

What's the difference between shingles and shakes? Shingles have a smoother, thinner texture while shakes have a thicker, textured, and rustic appearance. Both options come from the same type of tree so the right choice mostly comes down to personal preference. Either shakes or shingles can come stained in your choice of color and will need some periodic maintenance since wood is more sensitive to the elements than many other roofing materials. But you might consider the chance of maintenance worth the savings of not having to install bracing for slate or clay tiles.  

Best Hipped Roofing: Slate Tiles  

A hipped roof has more bracing than a gable so you can use a heavy roofing material without any added installation costs for prepping the roof. The elegance of slate tiles marries perfectly to the size and ornamentation of a Neoclassical home.

Slate tiles do come with a high price tag, but the tiles require virtually no upkeep and last for decades to come. If you can afford the upfront costs, a slate tile roof will essentially pay for itself over time. For more information, contact a roofing company like Empire Roofing.


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