Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

3 Victorian House Styles That Work Well with Asphalt Roofing

by William Gerard

Victorian-influenced styles spanned decades in the United States and birthed a variety of styles that ranged from the simple farmhouse chic of the folk Victorian to the austere, villa-inspired Italianate Victorian. Understanding the style of Victorian you own and the roof style on that Victorian can help you choose the right roofing material when working with roofing contractors on a roofing repair or restoration project.

Asphalt roofing is a low-cost, durable composite roofing material, and there are a few styles of Victorian homes in particular that pair well with this material.

Italianate Victorian

Italianate Victorian homes have elements of an Italian villa squished in with the traditional asymmetry of the Victorian house style. The style includes architectural accents like decorative columns supporting a front-porch roof, wide eaves, and a cupola on top of the relatively flat roof.

The elegance of the Italianate might seem a perfect match for slate roofing, but the flat roof means the material won't be visible from the ground, so you will essentially waste your money. The flat roof style also needs some additional waterproofing and drainage assistance, which asphalt shingles can help provide.

Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian homes are essentially simple farmhouses ramped up with Victorian accents like decorative woodwork while the main structure stays symmetrical. The house has a traditional gable roof, which has two steep sides and very little bracing.

Asphalt shingles pair well with the simplicity of the Folk Victorian and can let the visual focus stay on the minimal ornamental accents on the sides of the home. Asphalt can also help you keep your budget low for your roofing project.

One area of potential concern is wind damage to the lightweight shingles. You really only need to worry about this problem if your home sits in a wide-open field where no neighbors or trees can act as a windbreak to slow any oncoming winds a bit before it reaches your gables.

Shingle Style Victorian

Shingle-style Victorian homes were more often the summer homes of wealthy families. The style combined some of the asymmetrical Victorian elements, such as bay windows and low-sloped cross-gable roofs, with a relatively symmetrical floor plan and practical yet attractive shingle siding.

The relative simplicity of the shingle-style Victorian pairs well with the asphalt aesthetic. The modified gable roofs have less of a slope, which means potential wind damage is a lessened risk regardless of the windbreaks surrounding your house.


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