Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Making Metal Roof Repairs Before Selling Your Home? Avoid These Common DIY Mistakes

by William Gerard

With a little TLC and a good maintenance plan, a metal roof can easily last your home many decades, which is why this roofing type remains one of the most popular still today. However, once your dated metal roof starts to near the end of its long life, you are bound to start seeing a few issues, and this can be a real turnoff for potential home buyers. If you don't have the finances to get a full-on replacement before trying to sell your home, you will probably attempt a few fixes on your own. If you do, make sure you don't make these common DIY mistakes as a homeowner.

Don't just go with a replacement metal panel which appears to be the same color.

If there is one thing a prospective buyer will not want to see, it is a home that has a patchwork roof, which is exactly what will happen if you just go grab a panel of metal roofing that looks to be the same color as what you have. Take a piece of the old roofing with you to the metal roofing company to ensure you get the correct color. Color shades may have the same generic title, but these hues can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next.

Don't use roofing metal that is a different thickness or gauge.

Not knowing the gauge of the metal roofing you currently have can leave you picking up a sheet of metal which is a completely different thickness. If a sheet of metal is too thin, it will only appear wavy once installed interlocked between panels which are much thicker, and this is not something any buyer wants to see. So again, it is always best to take a piece of the old roof with you if you are unsure of what gauge you need.

Don't paint your roof with the wrong type of sealer.

Even professional roofing contractors often used painted sealer to prolong the life of an aging metal roof and help it look more aesthetically appealing. However, if you use the wrong sealant or try to cover the roof with basic paint, the end result will be anything but better looking. Using the wrong product to paint your roof will create a bubbled, cracked, and discolored surface any buyer will scoff at. So if you do choose to coat the roof, consult with a professional roofer about the best products to use.

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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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