Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Why Architectural Shingles Are A Great Choice For Your Roof

by William Gerard

With asphalt roofing shingles being such a popular choice among homeowners, you may be surprised to learn that they actually come in two different forms. There are traditional 3-tab shingles that most homeowners are familiar with, and architectural shingles that have quite a different look in comparison. Here are some reasons why you should consider using architectural shingles when you are having a new roof installed.

Architectural Shingles Are Strong And Thick

When compared to traditional shingles, architectural shingles will be much heavier and thicker than their 3-tab counterpart. This prevents the shingles from being torn off your roof due to strong winds, and makes the shingles very durable as well. You can expect to see a longer warranty with an architectural shingle, which should demonstrate how much more reliable the roofing material really is since the manufacturer stands behind their product. These additional benefits have a greater cost though with the material being more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles.

Architectural Shingles Have Visual Appeal

Since an architectural shingle is constructed with a laminated top layer, it crates an interesting 3D appearance that helps the shingle stand out from a visual standpoint. It gives an appearance that shingles have been cut out or built up in places.

In addition, architectural shingles can be constructed in a way that resembles other materials like slate or wood shakes. It makes the material ideal for upscale homes, and lets you have the look of those materials without the drawbacks or associated costs.

Architectural Shingles Require Less Maintenance

Since the roofing material is durable, you will not have to worry about shingles being damaged from storms. The laminated layer also helps the shingle resist hail damage as well. If roof algae is a problem in your area, know that architectural shingles can be made in a way that they are algae-resistant to prevent those black stains from occurring.

Expect minimal maintenance over the years. You will still need to do things like occasionally inspect the roof for potential damage, and keep your gutters clear to keep water away from the bottom edge of the shingles.

Architectural Shingles Increase Your Home's Value

When it comes time to sell your home, others will view this alternative roofing material as a selling point. If it is not a commonly used roofing material in your neighborhood, it can really help your home stand out on the block.

For more information on architectural shingles, speak to a roofing contractor in your area. 


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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