Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

3 Reasons Why The Roof Is Leaking On Your Business

by William Gerard

You depend on your roof to keep your business nice and dry inside. The last thing you want to deal with is a leaking roof causing a bunch of damage to everything inside. Before you know it, you are out thousands of dollars in lost inventory because of something that could have been prevented. If you notice even a small leak in your roof, you need to have someone come out and take a look at it for you. To help you better understand what might be going on with your roof, here are three common reasons why your roof might be leaking.

Cracked Flashing

Flashing is a thin piece of metal that has to be installed underneath of the shingles to form a water-resistant barrier. The flashing can either be exposed or concealed. If the flashing is exposed, it is going to look like a long piece of sheet metal. When they are hidden, you will notice a rubberized coating on top of the roof. Once broken, you will notice a large crack in the flashing. Oftentimes, tar is used to seal flashing. Over the course of time, it corrodes and breaks down. Rain, snow, and wind can destroy the flashing. You will need to have the flashing replaced to correct the problem.

Broken Shingles

Broken shingles are quite easy to identify. Shingles make up the outermost layer of your roof, so you should be able to see if any are missing by looking for different coloring on your roof. After a major rainstorm, you might notice shingles sitting in the parking lot as well. Heavy rain and high winds can destroy your roof in no time. Replace any missing shingles to seal off any entry points to the home.

Ice Build-Up

Ice dams are ridges of ice forming along the roof's edge. They prevent any melting snow from being able to properly drain off the roof. The added weight of the water and the ice can cause major damage to your roof. When the heat inside of the attic gets above freezing, snow will start melting, even though it might be cooler outside. Water ends up running down and refreezing as it hits the edge of the roof. A roof rake can help you get the snow off the roof. Ice melt products work great as well.

If you can't seem to figure out what might be going on with your roof, turn to a licensed commercial roofer for help. Companies like Central States Roofing may be able to meet your needs in this area.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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