Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Getting Rid Of Damaging Algae And Moss From Your Roof

by William Gerard

If you have a lot of shade over your house, the shingles may become a good place for algae and moss to grow. As these plants send out roots, they crack and break your asphalt shingles. This leaves your roof vulnerable to water leaks. Here is how to get rid of the problem and prevent algae and moss from coming back.

Safety First

Working on a roof, especially a damp and slippery one, is dangerous. If you don't have the safety equipment and experience of working on a roof, leave the job to a licensed roofing company. Otherwise, make it a yearly project to clean off your roof with the following steps.

  1. Brush any sticks, leaves and other yard debris off of your roof. Any debris prevents water from draining off of the roof. A roof that never dries out is fertile ground for moss and algae.
  2. In a sprayer, mix equal parts of water and bleach. Coat your roof with this solution. Work your way down the roof from the ridge to the gutters. Take care to get the solution into the spaces between the shingles. This will kill any moss and algae hiding in the cracks.
  3. Leave the solution on your roof for a couple of hours. Rinse your roof off with a garden hose or power washer. Again, rinse from the ridge down the roof. If using a power washer, use the low setting and never aim the spray up into the shingles. You could force shingles up and loosen them.
  4. Clean out your downspouts and gutters. Remove any debris that has been pushed up into the shingles from overflowing gutters. When blocked gutters allow water to come into contact with the edge of the roof and shingles, algae and moss will take root there.
  5. Check around all of the flashings to make sure they are sealed against the roof. If there are signs of algae and moss, use the solution on the area and clean it off thoroughly. Reseal the flashing after the cleaned area has dried.

Ways to Prevent Algae and Moss From Coming Back

  • Contact a local roofing contractor and ask about a roof coating that deters moss and algae. They can spray your roof annually to give your shingles extra protection from these plants.
  • You can buy copper and zinc strips which you slip under the ridge cap or first row of shingles. When it rains, these elements will wash down over the shingles and prevent algae and moss from getting established.

For professional roof coating services, contact a company such as Surface Shield Protective Coatings.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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