Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Leaky Roof? Possible Solutions

by William Gerard

If you have water spots around the light fixtures in your home, you could be dealing with a leaky roof or other internal roofing problems. Clogged gutters and a damaged chimney may cause leaks as well.

Water throughout the roof can cause mold and mildew, which rots the wood and can be a health hazard, and moist rotting wood can potentially attract pests. Call a roofing contractor, such as one from Suncastle Roofing Inc, to inspect your roof for water. Then ask him or her about the following things.  


If you have fiberglass or wool insulation in the attic or under the roof, consider replacing it with polyurethane foam spray. The foam spray will fill all of the crevices that allow water and air to pass through, protecting the house from leaks and protecting the structure of the roof from condensation. This insulation will also help protect against pests and improve heating and cooling efficiency.

If you have a home built before the 1980s, ask the roofing contractor if there is a risk of having asbestos exposed when replacing the attic insulation. This may require special handling.


Caulking the joints and floorboards around the attic will help prevent condensation or leaks from getting to the house in the future. The caulk should go around the vents and windows. Make sure to buy caulk that is both water and fire resistant, or have a professional do the job.

Attic Fan

If you walk into the attic area and it smells musty and feels damp, your ventilation system isn't working. Ventilation problems can cause ice dams and condensation. Both of these issues may be the cause of your leaky roof, and an attic fan will improve airflow.

You can get an attic fan that you control from inside the home to pull heat out of the attic in the summer to lower cooling costs. There are even solar attic fans to conserve energy, and the air movement helps to prevent condensation in the space.  

The roofing inspection should show if there are major repairs needed and provide a report detailing what condition your shingles are in. Once the roofing flaws have been treated and you can prevent water from damaging the ceiling again, have the ceiling painted with a latex sealing paint. The paint will stop the mold or mildew bacteria from spreading around the house, and it will cover the stain and seal the odor.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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