Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Three Factors to Help You Choose Your New Roof

by William Gerard

Whether you've having a house built or are getting ready to hire a roofing contractor to replace the worn-out shingles in your existing home, the approach you take when considering your home's roofing situation can drastically improve the look of the property. Sure, durability and function are are likely your first priorities in choosing the roofing that best suits your home, but it's important to recognize the aesthetic benefits the right roof can provide. Don't skip giving the roof proper consideration; it might not be as flashy as the home's siding or window shutter colors, but it's something that's very noticeable from the road and sidewalk. Here are some factors to consider.


Any roofing contractor you consult will recognize the importance of matching the style and materials of your roof to the overall look of your home. Although traditional asphalt shingles are a versatile roofing material that can work for a wide range of home styles, other options can also be appropriate. Metal roofing, which encompasses aluminum and even copper, can suit a historic-style home, while also providing impressive durability. Wood shingles are another popular alternative that is popular among people who are environmentally conscious, while clay tiles are ideal for homes built in the Spanish or stucco style.


When choosing the color of your roofing material, the material that you select partially dictates the color. For example, clay tiles are most common in a reddish, terracotta color. With other materials, such as asphalt shingles and metal, it's wise to opt for a color that contrasts the color of your home, complements it, or pairs well with the surrounding area. Contrast can work when you don't want the home's siding and roof to look too similar; for example, some homeowners don't favor a red brick roof with a reddish asphalt shingle roof. To blend the roof color into the surrounding area, think of the dominant colors; if you live in a log home in a wooded area, a black, gray, or dark green aluminum roof suits the look of your property.

Roof Design

Many roofing contractors can turn your dreams into reality, but it's important to be realistic about what type of roofing is most cost-effective to install. In general, a simple, A-shaped roof will be the cheapest to have installed. The more angle changes you add, which are common if you have loft-style windows or a home with a large, diverse footprint, the more you can expect to pay for the project. Asphalt shingle is not only simple to install, but also allows your contractor to work around roofing angle changes with relative ease, which can provide a lower cost for the project over a roofing style such as clay tiles.

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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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