Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Simple Visual Inspections That Could Indicate Your Roof Needs Repairs

by William Gerard

The roof of your home does a lot to protect you and your family from the elements. Yet it's not always easy to tell when something has gone wrong with your roof until it is too late. However, by knowing what to look for you can prevent major problems before they occur. So, if you notice any of these problems, your roof is probably in need of repairs. Luckily, all you need to check for problems is your eyes and knowledge of what to look for:

Signs of Daylight

One of the first places you should check should you suspect something wrong is your attic. If you can see little glints of sunlight coming from between any of the boards then you already have spotted a leak. If you do notice any daylight you should check the nearby boards and insulation for any signs of moisture, if any is present then you definitely should call a contractor and schedule some repairs before water damage gets out of hand.

Check Your Shingles

Your shingles are a pretty good indicator of your roof's health. There's a lot to be on the lookout for, however, as there are quite a few things that could happen to them. First off, glance up at your roof and take a look through your yard, are there any shingles present on the ground or missing from your roof?

If so, you might be in for some big repairs in the future if the weather's been calm, as this means the adhesive that was holding your shingles is deteriorating, meaning you'll probably have to get your roof re-shingled. Of course, if bad weather is to blame then a spot fix might be in order, regardless, you won't want to leave any parts of your roof unprotected for long.

Another place to check is actually in your rain gutters, particularly after a heavy storm. If you find an excessive amount of granules in the gutter, then your shingles are most likely reaching the end of their lifespan and probably also need to be replaced. In general though, take a look at your roof, if anything seems out of the ordinary with the shingles then it couldn't hurt to get them checked out.

So, now that you know what to look out for you can keep an eye on your roof's health while simply going about your daily life. After all, just paying attention could save you a lot of money in repairs in the long run. To learn more, contact a company like B & J Roofing with any questions you have.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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