Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

The Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

by William Gerard

If it's time to replace your old roof, you may be considering updating your home with a new metal roof. You most likely have heard both good and bad things about this type of roofing. To help you make a decision, read here to get more information about metal roofs.


  • Metal roofs usually last around 50 years. That's a huge home maintenance burden removed from your shoulders for what could be the lifetime of your home.
  • Metal roofs are also waterproof since the metal interlocks and becomes impervious to the elements. They are also more wind resistant.
  • If you live in a cold, snowy climate, the snow won't accumulate on your roof adding weight, it will simply slide off. 
  • Metal roofs are resistant to fire, an important point since sparks and embers from a nearby fire that land on your roof will just go out. 
  • These roofs are naturally resistant to mildew and rot, an area of concern if you live in a wed, humid climate.
  • Termites and other insects won't bother with metal roofing.
  • You may be able to install metal roofing on top of your existing roof, saving the time and money you would have had to spend for the tear-off of the old roof.
  • Metal roofs can be quickly installed, since they come in large sheets. This could be critical in bad weather when you need the job to be completed quickly.
  • For those who live in a hot, sunny climate, metal roofs reflect heat back off the home, helping you to save money on air conditioning.


  • Metal roofs are more costly to install. You must balance the cost with the durability of a metal roof however.
  • The noise of rain hitting a metal roof can be deafening. However, you can mitigate the noise by installing insulation panels of foam, which help absorb sounds.
  • They are very slippery and therefore dangerous to walk on. Walking on a metal roof can also cause permanent dents. You would need to be cautious about allowing a repairman, such as a technician who needs to clean out a vent pipe, access your roof. Large hailstones can likewise cause dents in a metal roof. 
  • Lightening may cause some concern, although there are no studies showing that metal roofs are any more likely than regular roofs to attract lightening. If this is a concern for you, you can have grounding installed by a lightening protection company.

After giving the above points careful consideration, consult with a professional roofer, like JAG Roofing, for more information and to get an estimate for your new metal roof or to learn about other types of roofing that may be right for your home.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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