Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Things To Look For In Your Roofing Estimates When You Compare Costs

by William Gerard

The first thing to do when you need a new roof is to get a few estimates. It's important to know what the estimate covers and what the total cost is so you can compare the estimates from different roofers carefully. A lot of things go into determining how much a new roof costs besides just the size of your roof. Here are some factors that roofing contractors consider.

The Price Of Shingles

Different types of roofing have different prices. Asphalt shingles even have different prices depending on the grade of shingles you buy. Once the roofer knows the measurements of your roof and the exact type of roofing you want to buy, they can calculate the cost of the roofing shingles. This will be a large part of the estimate.

The Cost Of Additional Supplies

Your roof has things besides shingles, and the cost for them adds up. The roofer needs to include the cost of flashing, rubber boots, nails, underlayment, and specialty shingles, such as ridge caps. The roofer also needs to pay for a rental dumpster and maybe even a crane rental to get the shingle packs on the roof. Be sure these costs are included in all of the estimates so you can compare the costs accordingly.

Labor Costs

The roofer has to pay the crew wages to put on your new roof. Labor costs can vary according to the type of roofing you buy. Basic three-tab shingles are the most common, and they go on easily since the roofing crew is used to installing them. A wood shingle roof takes longer to install and is more challenging, so labor costs will be higher.

The Cost To Repair Extensive Damage

If the deck of your roof has to be replaced too, or if some of the rafters are rotted, there will be additional costs when you get a new roof. The crew can usually replace decking, but the roofer might need to bring in a carpenter to replace roof rafters. A roof that is badly damaged can also be more difficult to work on. That slows down the work and may require the use of special equipment to keep the workers safe, and that could add to the cost.

Overhead Expenses

The roofer needs to make enough extra money on their roofing jobs to pay for their office space, insurance, and other overhead costs. While this won't be a big part of your estimate, the roofer will probably include an overhead cost so they can stay in business, pay their bills, and make a profit.


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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