Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Spotting Roof Trouble Early

Renovations That Make A Big Difference In Older Homes

by William Gerard

There are many benefits to owning an older or historic home. Homes that have been around for decades or longer often have a sense of history and are recognizable features in many communities. Older homes also often have architectural features that are difficult to recreate in the present day. Owning an older home can bring a lot of joy and pride to a homeowner, but older homes do have drawbacks. Often renovations must be done in order to keep older homes in livable condition. The biggest challenge in renovating these homes is keeping the traditional character while making the necessary updates.

New Roof

Most homes require a new roof every few decades. In many cases, older or historic homes have had multiple roofs over their lifetimes. Adding a new roof is a renovation that can change both the look of an older home as well as its energy efficiency. Choosing a roof that matches the architectural style of the home is very important. Roofing materials such as thatch, slate, and metal were commonly used in the past and can add a more authentic look to a home. Options such as metal roofing are also energy efficient and can help homeowners save on energy bills.

Changing Floor Plans

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about older homes is that the floor plans often have closed off rooms that are smaller than what someone may find in a newer home. The solution to this is to make changes to the floor plans. Removing walls or simply expanding existing openings can bring in more light and create more flow in older homes. Changing up floor plans also can make living in an older home easier and more comfortable. Simply removing a few walls and changing up the floor plan can make a very big difference in an older or historic home.

What Can't Be Seen Is Important

Often renovations are done on parts of the home that are front and center. Creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing is one of the major reasons why homeowners go through the renovating process. However in older homes, what can't be seen is very important. Renovations on electrical and plumbing systems are key in homes that have been around for a while. If the electrical and plumbing systems have not been updated in a few decades, then it is very likely that these systems are out of date and inefficient. Renovations on these systems can make older homes safer and more energy efficient.

There are many benefits to purchasing an older or historic home. These homes often have a lot of charm. They can also require a lot of renovations, such as new roofing, new floor plans, and electrical and plumbing systems can make a big difference in older homes. 


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Spotting Roof Trouble Early

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